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I love to write, obviously. I hope you enjoy my stories. Oh, and for those wondering, Niam is my OTP.

Twitter: @shelbyvanhorn
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marcel-tomlinson asked - "Hey :) I'm trying to read IHY but Alex's link aren't working for me"

That’s because she changed her url to pendragonsbanes. I haven’t changed them over yet. Just put her new url in and it’ll take you right there.


The Good Luck Gang has another home!

I will be uploading some of my preferred fics to ao3. 

You can find me HERE

So far it’s just GLG, but I know ao3 does a great job keeping things organized and a lot of people prefer it, I know I do. So there you go, friends!

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Anonymous asked - "Will you do a 17+ mature fanfic where Larry hates each other and has lots of sexual tension. They physically fight all the time and then one day their physical fight turns in to angry larry sex? You write the best angry larry sex."

I don’t really write anymore to be honest. :/ I don’t have much free time for anything and I’ve fallen out of writing for the 1D fandom anyway. :/ I haven’t written angry sex in, like, a year and a half? :P Don’t think I could anymore. (And I’m actually not really a fan of my mature writing so…) Sorry, nonny.

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Anonymous asked - "are you planning on doing more with friends with benefits?? i loved the fic but i didnt like how it ended. arent they going to end up more than friends?"

I don’t think I have a fic called Friends with Benefits, unless you are talking about “It’s Called a Bromance”? But you may have the wrong author. :/ Sorry.


The Larry Stylinson Awards 2013 Nominees

I’ve been nominated for an award, and so has Taylor (neverhadthewords) so you should go vote for us! :)

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Anonymous asked - "wow i accidently unfollowed you like a year ago and i came to see if you wrote anything new lately and i was really excited but now i see your not writing and i'm extremely sad because you and lida are my favorite writers back then and now"

Aww I’m sorry. :( I don’t have any time to write any more really. :/


Anonymous asked - "do you take requests?"

Unfortunately I’ve kind of grown away from writing for right now? Well, for like a year so far. :P I don’t have very much time, so unfortunately I do not. :/

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Anonymous asked - "hey i know you might not see this but it would be really great it you can answer me something about your fanfic. so i have been reading the good luck gang and i loooovvveee it btw. i just dont really understand the dealers purpose ... with the guys except zayn?"

Well, that depends, have you gotten through all of the story? I am pretty sure it is hinted but not outright said, so you may have missed it, but I don’t want to give it away if you haven’t gotten to that part yet. Harry kind of reveals it towards the end-ish.


Anonymous asked - "patiently waiting for circus to come off hiatus WHILE I SOB I MISS IT"

I miss it too. :( I want to write it again and I do have it all outlined, I just have to force myself to do it. I also feel like there might be a shift in the style of writing so that might be weird.

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Anonymous asked - "I'm sorry but I just had to let you know that I read the Larry hate sex fic (I forget the title, oopsie) and it was so good! :)"

I’m glad you enjoyed it. :)